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2024-25 Seat Reservation | August '24 Tuition

The pre-payment of August 2024 tuition secures your child's seat in the 2024-2025 school year. 


Seats will only be reserved for students who have prepaid for August and can commit to returning.


  • Choose a session for your child.  This can be changed later.  Availability of seats is on a first-come, first-served basis.  
  • Be sure to scroll down to see all class options.
  • For siblings, please change the quantity to 2 or more.
  • For students who enroll in more than one session/week, change quantity to 2 and enter 2nd session in "Comments" field.  


  • Fill in the "Comments" field if you have any information to add.


In the event that your child's schedule changes in August, there is usually some flexibility in switching to another session in the beginning of the school year.  During the school year, changing class sessions may be made only if there is space available.

2024-25 Seat Reservation | August '24 Tuition

    • Weekly classes resume after August 5 depending on your session choice.

    • The monthly installment tuition is $85/month *

      The tuition for a 10-month sewing school year is $850. The $85 amount is a monthly installment & does not change regardless of the number of classes per month. We follow the holidays/breaks based on the Carmel Clay School District's calendar, as well as any school closings due to bad weather.  

    • You are signing up your child for the 2024-25 school year, from August '24 to May '25. Students may withdraw anytime with a 30-day PAID notification.

    • Tuition installments are due by the 5th of each month.  Auto-payment enrollment will be offered in August.  Parents who used autopay in the past will need to restart a new profile each year.

    • Make-ups for missed classes are not guaranteed. 

      Due to the classes typically being at their maximum capacity, make-up classes are not guaranteed. A makeup class may only be scheduled IF there is an opening in another session. No credits or pro-rating is given for missed classes.

    • The $85 pre-payment of the August 2024 tuition installment will guarantees your child's seat in class. 

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