New Registration 2021-2022

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This fee reserves your child's spot in a weekly sewing class at A Sewing Studio. Classes are 1 hour per week and follow the Carmel Clay Schools calendar for holidays/breaks.

Weekly classes begin in August 2021.
This payment reserves the student's seat in class and includes the following:
$80 (First month's tuition installment)
$80 (*Final month's tuition installment)
$30 (Pattern packet workbook)

The $190 amount is non-refundable.



You can choose between 2 workbooks for your child to start with.  Your child will automatically get the craft workbook (most popular), unless you email me that you would prefer the clothing workbook.


  • CRAFTS (NON-CLOTHING) - This workbook has non-garment projects such as headband, sleep mask, lined tote, animal plushies, bunting banner decor, etc.
  • CLOTHING - This workbook has garment projects such as skirt, shorts, pants, simple top, & sleep shirt


A student can have both books and switch between the projects in each book, if preferred.  Parent will have to purchase the 2nd book separately.


New Registration 2021-2022

  • NEW SCHOOL YEAR: Start date is August 10, based on Carmel Clay Schools' schedule.

    MID-YEAR START DATE: The new student will begin on the first class day of the following month (unless another date is coordinated with the sewing teacher).