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Teaching kids a life-long skill -- not just projects.


I teach children the basics of sewing in a creative, encouraging, and fun atmosphere.


I'm on my 12th school year and I continue to teach hundreds of students each year.

My self-paced sewing program will teach them a lifetime skill while building confidence with each completed project.

the Program

To keep sewing fun and enjoyable, I complement my sewing program with various fun projects.  These one-of-a-kind creations keep students excited and asking for more. 

Sewing skills, learned at a young age, will remain with the students throughout her/his life.

Weekly Classes

  • 1 Hour per week (August-May)

  • Sewing machine & tools provided

Students will learn:

  • Basic sewing terminology

  • Sewing machine skills

  • How to read a pattern & understand written sewing instructions

  • How to layout and cut a pattern

  • Project assembly

Located in The Village of West Clay in Carmel, IN

12775 Horseferry Road, Carmel, IN

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