Your child will live out their "Project Runway" dreams by attending this fun sewing program once a week for one hour!  
In this program, the lessons start with the basics and progress until the student is ready to use commercial patterns.  I encourage students to experiment with the skills they have learned and to exercise their creativity during their lesson time.  This is not just a project-producing class, but a skill-developing opportunity.   Sewing is a skill that will last for a lifetime which will boost your child’s creativity, develop patience and problem-solving skills. These fun and educational sewing classes will most likely be one of your child's absolute favorite hour of the week.

​Sewing Classes

Your child will learn and understand many techniques and concepts of sewing.
  • Open to children ages 7 and up
  • 1 hour per week (except CCS holidays/breaks)
  • Sewing machine & tools provided
  • Students purchase their own fabric and notions for each project.
  • Students will use a pattern workbook. 
Registration is ongoing:
The class structure allows new students to join at ANY TIME if space is available. 
School year:  August - May​​
Cost:  $80/monthly installments for a 10-month school year

weekly Classes

FOR 2021-2022
TUES 5P, TUES 6:10P, WED 4P, WED 5:10P,
FRI 5:10P, SUN 3:50P, SUN 5P