Custom Iron-on Labels for Sewing Projects

No sewing project is complete without a label that says you made it!

Whether you're giving a handmade gift or simply making items for yourself, custom labels makes them truly your own creations. 

You can have custom labels with your name or brand, printed in multi-color on white fabric iron-on sheets. 


The sheets are 100% cotton with fusible backing that can be applied to virtually any surface that can accept the heat of an iron.


Label size:  1.5" X .75"

Number of Labels:  75


12/15 Order Deadline to pickup by 12/20.

1. Choose an image:

2. Choose border color:

Specify what the wording should be on the label.


Please note that a longer text will fit the label differently, or may be broken into 2-3 lines.  The more text there is, the smaller the text size will be.  The label graphic may be altered in size to fit the text.

For specific instructions, email me at

3.  Wording