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parents' testimonials

Brenda S., Mom to Elise

"Elise has gained self-confidence and nurtured her creative side while working on all the fun clothing and plushy projects.

Elise has a great time in class. She looks forward to celebrating each time she completes a project!  Elise has enjoyed making clothes but really loves making the little plushy stuffed animals!  Valerie is a great teacher for both the children and adults! She is patient with each student and makes time to help each one!  My experience with A Sewing Studio has been super easy!  I prepaid the whole year so I don't have to remember monthly payments. Valerie also is easy to work with when needing to reschedule a class."

Janice G., Mom to Monica

" Monica LOVES the classes. She said that Valerie is able to work with all the students during the same class even though they are all at different levels working on different projects. She doesn't have friends in the class, so I know that isn't why she likes to go. She likes Valerie and really enjoys what she is doing in the classes. I'm surprised at how much my daughter accomplishes each class.

The variety of projects is good.  My daughter has made tote bags, book markers, a pillow, and a skirt. She is working on zigzag stitching now (I think), and is finding that challenging. A challenge is always good!

I am thrilled to have found Sewing Studio!"

Niki D., Mom to Hailey

"Hailey has learned how to cut fabric, pin, operate the sewing machine, hem, iron, etc.  Hailey loved taking this class!  The sewing projects were great!  She made Pj's (several pair after the first one!), a tie purse, t-shirts, a backpack, shorts, etc.  All of this was done at her own pace.  She enjoyed it so much, she now sews in her spare time. 


She looked forward to attending every week. Valerie is kind, relaxed, and very knowledgeable.  I know that this class has provided the foundation for a lifetime of sewing projects. Thank you, Valerie, for a wonderful experience! 


All experiences with A Sewing Studio were positive. Valerie answered any questions I had very promptly.  All communications regarding the class were sent out well in advance (school breaks, etc.).  Reminders were also sent."

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